General Comment

  • Please read the text you inserted into the products. After confirmation, it cannot be changed.
  • There is a slight variation between the colors you see on your screen and what you get printed at home: computer screens use the RGB color schema, and our printer uses CMYK. Moreover there might be a variation of more or less 10% on the printing process (colors might become more or less bright).
  • The dotting you see on the borders of the cards are cutting edges: that is where the cards get cut by the guillotines.

Basic instruction for uploading artwork, photos or logos

Dimensions and Resolution

  • For full artwork upload: the standard business card dimensions are 90mm x 50mm with 1mm left for cutting, resulting in the final dimensions of 88mm x 48mm. Artwork with different measures will have their proportions adjusted.
  • For logo or photo upload: the image may get its dimensions adjusted.
  • To assure a good printing quality, the image resolution shall be of, at least, 300 dpi

Backside printing

Only free business cards contain a discreet Printvenue branding on the back of the card. Paid business cards do not contain Printvenue branding.

Accepted file formats

  • PDF
  • PSD (Photoshop)
  • BMP (Bitmap)
  • SVG
  • JPEG
  • PNG


  • We accept RGB files, yet we recommend for your artwork to be in CMYK profile.
  • In the case you are using CMYK, the sum of the colors (C + M + Y + K) shall be less than 250%
  • Black images or backgrounds shall be composed: we recommend adding 40% cyan (100% K + 40% C)


  • In the case of PDF files, we recommend fonts to be converted into curves.
  • Fonts minimum size shll be 7pt bold, specially on black background printing


Given small variation on the cutting process, we advise you not to use the card boards as they may end up uneven.